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Sean Hayes helped me to jump start my life again. I signed on with him on a hunch, and let me tell you I received that and much more. Our first conversation, he listened to exactly what I wanted help with, which was my weight, I needed to learn my triggers and how to avoid them. Sean was very attentive and did not one time shove his notions down my throat, he really listened to what I was saying and made goals and held me responsible for what I wanted for myself. It came to a point that I forgot he was my wellness coach, it became such a relaxed environment that I didn’t even realize I was achieving goals I had laid out for myself, and reaching my goals felt effortless. Sean is attentive, compassionate and real as it gets!  He understands that life happens and he is there every step of the way offering encouragement and also acknowledgement. I can tell you with my time spent learning how to avoid my triggers for weight gain, I also learned how to control triggers for stress which resulted in me smoking (which I have ceased by the way). Want to find the best you, he is it! Give him the chance to improve you!

Alyssa Bartholomew - Lead Pt Access

Sean and I were worked together for a few months. I began managing at a large corporation which was very different than my last supervisory/managerial position. The position was very demanding which was causing me a lot of anxiety daily and I began to lose my authenticity. When I started working with Sean, he helped me to identify goals to help me maintain my true and authentic self and helped me to realize that operating in anything other than myself was an underlying cause for my anxiety. In addition to that, Sean helped me to understand the importance of balance in the workplace which is often overlooked in management. Sean kept me accountable and ensured I was making progress week-over-week. Sean is an amazing coach who is passionate about his craft and he will always make sure you are journeying along well.

Marguerite Pierre, Manager of Behavior Health

Sean is a skillful, empathetic, and resourceful trainer who has guided me to perform root cause analysis of my temptations and weaknesses that have restrained me from developing my professional and personal goals. Sean has been masterful in helping me uncover what's below the iceberg and what action steps I could put together to put those strong subconscious forces in the foreground and intentionally interact with them. Thank you for all that you do!"

Leon Vasershtein, Clinical Pharmacist 

For years I have maintained a complex relationship with food, something I had always thought about taking a closer look at.  My company offered a Wellness Program for all employees which was when I was connected to Sean. Sean supported me in gaining insight into my behaviors related to food beginning with adopting my mother’s difficulty with throwing things away, especially food, and my participation in the “Clean Plate Club” as a child. As an adult, I felt like food had this power over me which often led to binging behavior. Sean educated me on the “Balanced Plate Method” and interrupting automatic thoughts by checking in with myself and with my hunger. In our work together, I developed a mantra for myself to improve my ability to self-talk by asking myself questions about what my body wants or needs. I use this mantra every single day. As I gained these and other skills, Sean followed up on my progress, helped me explore barriers, and applauded me with affirmations at the end of every session. Sean completely changed my relationship with food for the better and I would highly recommend partnering with him to support creating healthier habits.

Katrina Mitchell, LMHC, Manager of Social Determinants of Health Program

I have been working with Sean Hayes for a few years now, and I noticed my life change during our first coaching session. Working with Sean has been a tremendous journey. It has given me the opportunity to explore and challenge unhelpful behaviors and distorted thought patterns, and has allowed me to transform the way I perceive myself and the world around me. Our coaching sessions are always productive and, by the end of each session, I always feel greater self-awareness, confidence, and focus. I am a strong advocate that our mindset determines who we become, what we achieve, and our level of happiness and satisfaction with life. Having Sean on my side gives me the support I need to continue to progress. Through Sean’s coaching, I have learned more about myself and have grown more than I ever thought possible. But most importantly, Sean teaches me the skills I need to coach myself and, for that, I am forever grateful."

Lynda Torento, Psychiatric RN

I have never met Sean face to face but he has quite literally changed my life! Healthy habits are now “hardwired” into my week! I am meditating daily and exercising 3 times a week faithfully. I have been able to sustain both of these things for more than a year despite the fact that I don’t like to exercise! The results of these practices have made a huge impact on both my physical and mental health and improved my work life…. Important because I am in a high stress healthcare position managing multiple sites and staff. I feel better and more able to handle anything that comes my way.


Sean challenged some of my core beliefs which enabled me to see things differently. He also gave me the tools, support and accountability I needed to be successful. Working with him helped me clear hurdles that I, myself, had put in place. I would highly recommend Sean if you are trying to break bad habits and replace them with healthy ones or if you are  trying to achieve goals and keep getting stuck!

Laura Klint, Pharmacy Manager

I had the pleasure of completing an 8 week weight loss class lead by Sean Hayes. I truly enjoyed the experience because  even though I was a part of a group, I always felt like I was both seen and heard by Sean. Hes a great listener, offers sound realistic advice, and fosters an environment that's judgement free yet he still has a way of holding people accountable. The information and demonstrations he shared left me feeling educated and empowered to keep working towards my weight loss goals. I highly recommend working with Sean!

Lashaunda Watson, Administrative Assistant 

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