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Insight  + Accountability + Action =  Transformation

I truly believe in the power of partnership. We all need accountability, timelines, and structure if we desire to break through the same routines, patterns, and habits keeping us in the same place. This work goes beyond goal setting and achieving temporary results. We will look deeper at how you operate and explore and challenge the very same patterns and themes holding you back across all areas of your life. Transformation is the result of significant breakthrough in self awareness, getting accountable, and committing to a new course of deliberate action. 

Where transformation lives is unique to us all. For some, it might mean getting out of our comfort zone, or no longer getting bullied by our thoughts and feelings. For others, it means creating a ton of accountability or learning to prioritize ourselves first. Transformation is refusing to believe the story that our subconscious mind wants us to believe to keep us safe - that we're not good enough, or our desires are not possible. Being transformed is creating and living the empowering story of our choice, believing in it, getting accountable, showing up, and being unstoppable! 

My Approach

Is coaching for you?

You are a brilliant and ambitious leader. You work tirelessly for your company; at the same time, your drive to succeed in your career has taken time away from your family, and your health is beginning to suffer. You have  also noticed your drive and passion as a leader has faded. You are generally exhausted, overwhelmed, and chronically stressed. It feels impossible to make time for exercise, and to eat right. You have had enough of this lifestyle, but you're not sure how to change it. 

Coaching is a partnership and support structure designed to identify and achieve goals and outcomes. Powerful questions and insightful tools examine attitudes, interpretations, and perceptions that drive your behaviors and actions. You have a story about yourself that drives your attitudes and actions every day. Does your story tell you that you can't, or won't? Let's create a new story together!

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