Can’t lose weight? Practice Putting Your Self-First

If you’re like many of my clients, you can’t find time to balance your diet, exercise, and in some cases

sleep. There’s so much you want to do but you’re pulled in a million directions at work, by friends, and by

family. I get it, it’s totally frustrating! How is it possible to lose weight and feel better if there’s literally

no time left in the day?

Can’t lose weight? Practice Putting Your Self-First

I invite you to take a look at how you spend your time, and more importantly, how you train the people

around you to take your time. Yes, I said that right! You train the people in your life to take advantage of

your time. I totally understand; you get up at the crack of dawn, get your family ready for the day, and

commute bumper to bumper to your job and back, and then your family wants your very last minute of

the day. Okay, so you don’t have a lot of time – me neither, but consider you’re still training your family,

friends, bosses, and colleagues to use you whenever they see fit. You and only you are responsible for giving away your time. Boom! Did your head explode yet?

When was the last time you said "no" to someone? Think about this for a minute. Okay, it’s hard to say no

as you have responsibilities to your family, friends, and work. Where I’m pointing to are the times when

you’re scheduled to go to the gym and your adult child asks you to drive him to the mall. I’m asking you

to look at the tasks you’re taking on at work that are not your responsibility. Are you enabling your

children or an aging parent? What would happened if you empowered them to own their own tasks?

Are you spending late nights in the office micro managing your employees? What would happen if you

left them in charge and you went home on time? I also see my clients taking on extra shifts when asked.

Okay fine, you have to be a team player, but does this mean you need to take on 3 extra shifts per week,

or work 12 hour/day every day? No! say it..

If you have a hard time saying no, consider you have a “people pleasing” mentality. It has served you

well in the past to work hard for other people. Your boss gives you great reviews and she can’t run the

business without you. It seems like the more you help out, the more people ask of you. Guess what?

You’ve trained your boss that you’re a “yes” person! Of course you're at the top of their list, you say

yes all the time. The funny thing about people pleasing though is that is doesn’t earn respect. Quite the

opposite really, the more you say yes, the more the people in your life will actually disrespect your time.

I invite you to consider where and to whom you should start saying "no" to. What if you did? What would be possible if you set limits on your time? It’s time to start re-training the people in your

life. Saying no will sting a bit for you and for them, but I promise what you get back in time, respect, and

reduced stress will be fully worth it!

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