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It's Your Life, so Take it Back!

I have always been very driven with a solid work ethic and determined to make a huge impact on the world. Even before my work as a transformational coach, I have helped hundreds, maybe thousands, take action to improve their lives.

Through all of my hard work, incredible life experiences, and service to the masses, I went home each night feeling anxious and somehow never good enough. I often felt like I worked harder than my peers, but could not achieve the same results. I watched my colleagues move up the corporate ladder, get raises, and get promoted into leadership positions. I remained determined. I worked more hours and took on more responsibilities. It seemed the harder that I worked the results were more work, more hours at the office, and more stress - not raises or promotions.

I had no time left to take care of myself. As a result, I lived with chronic anxiety, a pattern of self-medicating, and episodes of depression. This not only affected my emotional health, but also my physical health - resulting in elevated cholesterol, poor digestion, elevated blood sugars, and constant exhaustion.

With help from my coach, I challenged and replaced my mindset, which had me giving all of my time and energy to my company, family, and friends while my own health suffered. With this insight and practice, over time, my health improved - my cholesterol has improved, I am no longer self-medicating, and I am significantly less anxious. I wake up full of possibility, have time to exercise, eat right, and charge into the day full of energy, vision and joy!

If you could work less, achieve better results, and have more time, what would be possible for your health? Would you lose weight, experience less anxiety, spend more time with family, or finally quit smoking? Two of my former clients accomplished exactly that!

James (37), a project manager, could not set limits at work and often took on new projects outside of his job description. He worked 60+ hours per week and had very little time for his family. He described feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and powerless. After only 6 weeks of coaching, he let go of his need to control the workflow, felt empowered to delegate to his team, and began saying “no” to projects outside of his position. As a result, he began to see himself as a powerful leader and not a “worker bee.” He also felt significantly less anxious and spent more quality time with his family.

Similarly, Linda (62), a project manager, routinely worked 12-hour days. She described being overwhelmed and anxious in a never ending work cycle. She was challenged by a pattern of stress eating and not having time for exercise and meal planning. After 3 months of working together, she started the practice of putting herself first. She left work consistently after her 8-hour shift, began planning balanced meals and snacks, joined a walking group, and consistently challenged her judgmental and bullying thoughts. After 6 months in the coaching partnership, she lost over 25 pounds, stopped taking anxiety and blood pressure medications, and received a variety of awards for leadership.

Since I have taken my life (and my health) back, I now have the time to maintain a healthy diet, exercise routine, and emotional clarity. As a result, I am even more passionate and ready to help my clients thrive physically, emotionally, and professionally by helping them take back their lives.

Are you ready to take back your health? Please contact me at for a 60-minute free breakthrough session. You can also find more testimonials at

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