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10 Ways to Get Started Losing Weight

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

You're great at running teams, managing staff, and getting things done in spite of tight deadlines and a mountain of stress. For the most part, you're meeting your career goals ahead of schedule. Due to your success and commitment, you have sacrificed sleep, eat out regularly, have not seen friends and family in weeks, and physical activity has not been a priority for years. You want badly to lose weight, and to better balance life, but with deadlines at work, hours commuting, and after family time, it seems impossible.

Lose Weight - 10 Ways to Get Started

There's Not Enough Time in the Day

Three people should be doing your job, and it requires a small miracle just to get to lunch. When you finally make it (through the day, not your work), and while risking your life on the Highway to Hell, you think of your beautiful, loving, but exhausting family waiting for you to play, to smile, and to love until the very last minute of the day. Exercise and packing tomorrow's lunch was part of the plan, however the idea somehow was lost after dinner and before the late-night phone meeting.

Start Small but Start Today

Losing weight takes time and commitment, however you don't need to live in a gym or get on a restrictive diet to get started. Create a mindset of losing 1-2 lbs. per week. This seems slow, however the pounds will add up and are less likely to stay off as you continue your improved lifestyle habits. Here are 10 ways to get started:

1. Choose to get started. Get clear on your reasons for action. What would be different if you made a plan and followed through? Make a commitment to yourself, to a friend, to a colleague. Write down what you want and list all the ways you will get there and by when.

2. Start little and start today! Watch out for "all or nothing thinking". Setting your goals too lofty can get overwhelming and take you out of your game. Start with reasonable goals designed for your success. I will walk 5 minutes daily. Can you do 10? Create a routine and be consistent. Increase time and intensity as the days and weeks go on.

3. Monitor and track your progress. Do you know how active you are currently? Consider tracking your steps with a pedometer or a smart watch. Create a step goal and work on meeting and building on your goal daily. Use a scale to monitor your weight. If you're not checking, how do you know if what you're doing is working? Check once a week if you have a challenging relationship with the scale. Use an app like MyFitnessPal or Loseit. These apps are awesome and will tell you exactly how many calories you need, and will show you the areas to address.

4. Don't drink your calories! Avoid soda, juice, sweet coffee and limit alcohol. These drinks are filled with sugar and calories. One 20 oz bottle of soda or juice daily can make the difference of gaining or losing 20 lbs. yearly!

5. Practice Mindfulness: Many of us eat when we're not hungry. Our minds our restless after being busy all day. Given the opportunity to relax, our brain continues to seek stimulus. Food is an easy and rewarding pleasure. Get present to when you eat for reasons other than hunger. Practice asking yourself, "am I really hungry, or do I need to eat? The more you ask, the sooner you will train yourself to eat only when you need to. Practice distracting yourself. Instead of eating, give your mind some water, call a friend or complete a crossword puzzle.

6. Use the MyPlate method to manage your meal portions. Use a 9 inch plate and fill 1/2 the plate with vegetables and high fiber foods. 1/4 of your plate protein and 1/2 of your plate starch. See

7. Limit eating out. The more you control your own meals, the more you control portion size, calories, sodium, and sugar. Determine your meal before going out. Many resturants have online menus listing calories and nutrition information.

8. Practice a mentality of self first. How often have you scheduled something for you and allowed the people in your life to schedule over you? We are often our own lowest priority. How can you truly lead others if you're not maintaining yourself?

9. Diets work great...for a little while. Restricting foods can mean great results. For most of us, however, we invite the same foods back after we've hit our goals. Focus on longer-term weight loss (1-2 lbs. /week). Make adjustments in the areas of portion control, mindful eating, increased movement and balanced meals.

10. Get accountable everywhere! Enroll an exercise partner, plan meals with your family, go to exercise classes. Schedule your workouts and honor them like actual appointments. Sign up for a charity race, workout with a personal trainer, or hire a coach to help you you in stay in action. It's very challenging to accomplishing big things on our own.

Would you like to try on coaching? I 'm currently offering sample sessions this week to explore what it would take for you to reach your goals. For more information or to schedule an appointment please go to:

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