Start Small but Start Today! The Perfection Mindset

Procrastination is a killer! But why are we waiting days, months, and even years to get started? What’s in the way?

It’s not because we’re lazy, or that we don’t have the tools to get started. If you’re like me, everything needs to be perfect before launching an exercise program, a business venture, building a family, and creating the desired life. The tragedy here is that we’re never going to be perfect; it’s never going to be just right, and days turn into years, and years into a lifetime.

I have a massive “perfection” way of thinking. I notice some of my most ambitious clients do as well. We’ve been on the mountain top before, but today we’re miles away from the top and the journey ahead is daunting. We wait until we have the right gear, the right route, and for the right day to begin training, and for some reason we just can’t start.

I’m all for being ambitious, and I love achieving big goals and enjoying the view. At the same time, the first step can often be the hardest. So why make it hard? I invite you to have big goals, but get started with small imperfect actions, and start today- today! Forget perfection, forget the right gear, and the perfect route. Whether you are working on your health, launching your business, or climbing actual mountains, get started today for 10 minutes, and do it again tomorrow. Once you get rolling, you might be surprised that an hour went by and you accomplished way more than you think. Stop being perfect, and just start. One step turns into miles, and before we know it, we’re enjoying the view.

How does perfection show up in your life? Where does it prevent you from getting started? Please leave a comment below.

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