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You want to quit, but you don't know where to start.


You don't like the way you feel, and  you're tired of the smell everywhere. You're even more tired of being judged by family, friends, and colleagues. You could use the extra money - this habit is not cheap. You know all the reasons why you shouldn't smoke, but the urge and the habit take priority. You would like to quit, but it seems pointless since it never lasts. 

Quitting is a process that is not a straight line.


The coaching partnership will create a quit strategy that may include a quit date, nicotine replacement, and practices for managing cravings. Sessions will focus on behavior modification using mindfulness practices to reprogram your desire to smoke. Coaching may also explore stress, how it relates to smoking, and ways to manage  stress without smoking. 

What would life feel like in 6 months after you quit?


As a result of choosing to quit smoking, making a plan and executing it, you are smoke free! It took a few attempts, and it wasn't easy, but  now you can say that you don't really miss it. You are mindful as to why you smoke and now masterful at distracting  your desire with a lifestyle full of healthy  choices.

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