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Senior level executives and managers experience high levels of stress.


Significant professional and family responsibilities lead to a scarcity of time often resulting in poor lifestyle choices, chronic stress, low job satisfaction, decreased productivity, and in some cases, chronic health conditions.

Our thoughts and feelings are programmable.


The subconscious mind wants us to believe that we're not good enough, and that everyone else is better. It does this for self-preservation - to avoid risk and to prevent us from getting hurt. Unfortunately we're left feeling anxious, depressed, and paralyzed.  We stay safe, but miserable and out of action.


The coaching process will help you identify, challenge, and replace distorted and protective thinking with a clear and empowered mindset supported by weekly projects and practices.


Some of the  practice areas may include mindfulness, meditation, increasing exercise, and balancing nutrition and sleep.   

Get clear, feel empowered, and own your day!


You are clear, present, and emotionally prepared for  your day. You are more efficient and less focused on worry and what other people think.The pace of the day has not changed, but you are no longer caught up in the past and  future chatter of judgement and fear.  

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