You want badly to lose weight.


You've lost weight in the past, but it always comes back. Life is full with long commutes, longer work days,  and family. You're exhausted, and there's no time left in the day to exercise and prepare meals. Your doctor may have already started you on medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol. You feel stuck and not sure where to start.

Are you ready to make a change?


The coaching partnership promotes practices in the areas of mindfulness, portion control, label reading, meal planning, managing cravings, reducing stress, and increasing physical activity. Powerful questions explore what's truly in the way of losing weight and encourage immediate and realistic action based on this insight. This is not a diet. 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week is not only successful, but sustainable! 

You've committed not only to the process, but to the lifestyle. 


You look and feel great! You have more energy, and your productivity has doubled. The weight continues to come off, and your doctor suggested reducing or maybe eliminating blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol medications.